If I swung that way…

As most of you know, I try My hardest to accommodate bizarre request…That being said I should really look into “under cover female submissive photography.” I couldn’t help Myself when I asked My fetishist to take a picture of My sexy legs in these leather shackles after I took pics of him in shackles and pantyhose. Here is My early XXXmas treat to you worms…enjoy because you’ll NEVER see Me do anything like this. I remain on the Fem Dom side for eternity.


Clawdia pretend bound

Holy Shit…it’s almost been a year since I posted anything—

Mistress clawdia and sissyDid you miss Me?!!! I’ve been dabbling in rubber repair and making rubber items for My sissies and Me…If you have a rubber repair contact Me via My email: Mistressclawdia@gmail.com

I will also consider making YOU a simple or very constructed rubber garment if you BEG!

This rubber gag came to me with needing new grommets holes, strap and buckle I replaced connecting strap and added new gromets
This rubber gag came to me with needing new connecting straps. I replaced both connecting strap and added new grommets and buckling hardware 

Smallest Weeeenis contest!

I’m holding a contest for smallest penis because everyone needs to see what a genetic defect looks like.

update: 5/5/04

bunny balls has entered the competition and let Me just say..I think we’ve got a winner

hahah bunny playing dead
hahah bunny playing dead
awwww..tinky winky
awwww..tinky winky

bunny balls

First and smallest by far is:

Scott’s weenie:

IMG_6508 scott's wenisDare to enter?! Winner wins: a long, powerful smoking pole session with the master bull cock of My choice. Losers will swallow and gag unmercifully for an unspecified amount of time at My time/place of choice.

Send all tini-weenie pics to:mistressclawdia@gmail.com

newest entry–Adam:

tinyawww..so cute..but it’s a tie…I need to see a smaller weenis!!!

Final entry

Paulinas IMG_7308 IMG_7309hahahahahah!!!




BUT there is always time to add your tinkerbell to the infamous collection! send Me pics of your weenie worms here: mistressclawdia@gmail.com


Sissy Baby gear

Hello pervy pets!

I’ve constructed two pairs of knickers, a sailor sissy dress and a sexy Julie Newmar cat woman outfit within the last month.

If you need any alterations of existing fetish outfits of if you’d like a new custom outfit email Me for info, I’d love to make you something unique!!!

I work with: leather, pvc, plastic, satin and lace…


sissy sailor dress IMG_1087